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Self Care in Slack Season

Perhaps  you know that line from “The Wasteland” by T.S. Elliot: “April is the cruelest month.” In  a resort area like ours, many part-time residents retreat to their primary residence, and the many skiers and snowboarders leave muddy slopes and empty properties in their wake. Once a canopy of snow, the empty tree limbs have us itching for green things to grow. 

But doesn’t that miss the possibility of the season? Why not emulate the plants themselves, and drench ourselves with the healing power of water and other wellness elements? The mellower pace of April gives us a chance to check on our hydration, our sleep, our substance and mental health, not to mention our living spaces. Are you resting well? Are you fulfilling yourself personally and professionally? Just around the corner, May is a month dedicated to tending to mental health, so it’s a great time now to slow down, breathe deep and take an inventory of where you are.

Here are some of our favorite tips for springtime self-care:

  1. Pat your face with cold water and apply a luxurious moisturizer before you do anything else.
  2. Drink a glass of lemon water; then get your caffeine fix. (Speaking of which, switching in an herbal elixirs in place of a latte might add a pep to your step.)
  3. Before you head out for the day or errands, consider doing a 5-minute lap around your home, putting items back in their places and leaving your living space exactly as you would want it when you come home. It can be a great onramp to relaxation when you return home to clutter-free counters!
  4. This one is so hard to do, but it can certainly help you sleep more peacefully. Find a good place to put your personal devices to bed at least an hour before you hit the hay.
  5. Another great way to ensure wonderful rest is to soak in a lavender-scented bath as you prepare to enter your own sleep mode. 
  6. Treat yourself to high-end epsom salts, a cotton sleep mask and a really good hardcover book to minimize bedtime distractions. 
  7. Write down your daily gratitudes, and what you’re looking forward to the next day in a pretty journal -- try one made from organic materials. 

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After a long winter and an uncertain year, we hope you’ll find space and peace this spring to reset and reimagine your next chapter!