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3 Black Designers You Need in Your Feed

Earlier this month, Real Homes writer Ann Loynd Burton shared the profiles of fifteen Black interior design influencers “dishing out major inspo on Instagram.” After reading her article, I decided to take a closer look at my own feed; diversity has never really been a defining feature of the interior design world, but I was surprised by just how similar it was. From post to post, everyone I followed looked pretty much the same. With Burton’s article in the back of my mind, I was excited to start curating a more thoughtful daily scroll.

In a small way, I hope that linking some of these BIPOC designers on my own blog can help support more diversity in this community.

1. Sheila Bridges @harlemtoilegirl

I think Sheila Bridges is the perfect designer to kick off this list. Her resume is as impressive as it is deserving—from being an Elle Decor A-list designer to receiving CNN and Time Magazine’s title as “America’s Best Designer,” Bridges’ success has dominated the corporate and residential worlds of “prominent entertainers, entrepreneurs and professionals” (Burton). I also love Bridges’ work because of her own entrepreneurial pursuits; her brand Harlem Toile offers wallpaper, accessories, fabric, and glassware that looks “beyond the traditional French pattern, reexamining the historical narrative of African Americans and lampooning stereotypes woven into these 18th-century motifs” (Burton). Whether you’re making a conscious effort to support BIPOC entrepreneurs or you’re just looking for some incredible ways to upgrade your space, consider grabbing a few favorites from her collections.

2. Breegan Jane @breeganjane

If you watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, you might already be familiar with Breegan Jane, but anyone who’s new to her work is in for a treat. Her light and airy kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms have hints of mountain modern style, but her feed is also full of cute kiddos, beautiful jewelry, and a gorgeous wardrobe. When she’s not creating some of the most stunning interiors I’ve seen all year, she’s promoting charities, nonprofits, and other small businesses around the world. Hit that follow button—you’ll never look back!

3. Courtney McLeod @rightmeetsleftinteriordesign

From yellow staircases to orange sofas and pink armchairs, Courtney McLeod’s work is full of colorful whimsy and statement-making palettes. Everything about her posts just makes me happy, and it’s an awesome account to follow if you’re needing a break from the white-on-white look.

If you haven’t had a chance to take a serious look at your own feed, spend a few minutes and really commit to it. If you’re like me, you’ll probably find a lot of similarities—both in style and the designers themselves. Diversity across industries has always been important, but there’s still so much progress that can be made. Now is the perfect time to check your blindspots, freshen up your feed, and give any of these incredible designers a follow. I’ll see you there!

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