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3 Ways to Brighten Up Your Summer Spaces

I can’t believe we only have a few weeks left until June! A slow melting season—and plenty of sunny days ahead—means wildflower season is right around the corner (can you tell I’m excited?). Late spring and early summer can easily be considered my favorite times to call the Wood River Valley home.

With the white-on-white look still popular, I think it’s important to remember color in these warmer months. I looked through our online store and found my favorite pieces for bringing a pop of greenery or some extra brightness into bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and every corner in between.


1. Bring the outside in with some natural greenery

If breaking up your monochromatic style is hard to do, start slow. Our Jack Planter is a great compromise; the smooth cement base checks all those grayscale boxes, but it’s roomy enough for a great indoor potted plant. If you’re the low-maintenance succulent type, this is the perfect piece for a side table, desk, or sunny shelf. We think they’d look great in multiple sizes (we have Small, Large, and Wide—mix it up!) filled with herbs like mint, cilantro, and basil. Find a warm corner of your kitchen and enjoy fresh ingredients year-round!

On the hunt for something more decorative? Grab some fresh flowers, a few sprigs of eucalyptus, or tall reeds and one of our Milk Vases. The white ceramic base keeps attention on your centerpiece, and different sizes help you easily mix and match. For a more dramatic effect, keep the vase shorter than half the height of your greenery. With strong enough stems, the difference in proportion will make an even bigger statement. For a more unique look, I’d recommend our Cluster Vases—a fresh take on a classic concept of a tulipiere, every glass vessel in the metal frame stand holds a single stem. I love it.


2. Add pillows for a pop of color

We’ve had a crush on these shams for months, and the “Terra Cotta” color is perfect for sunny days. It pairs well with navy, whites, and creams, and the linen material couldn’t be more classically summer. They’re one of our bigger shams—28” x 28”—so they look great layered behind smaller pillows. Mix up the dimensions and style them with a shorter, wider accent on your favorite sofas or armchairs. If you’re craving a little texture, bring in a complimentary pattern! Solid shams are a great way to introduce color without stealing the show.


3. Don’t forget your patios and porches

Over the past few months, we’ve been pretty busy pulling together a great selection of rugs for the online store. Since they can either be a statement or a backdrop—depending on the material, pattern, and color—they’re a versatile way to add extra character. One of my favorites is the Claire Silver/Multi Rug. It’s safe for indoor and outdoor use, and its color palettes look like something straight out of Sun Valley. With light powder blues, dark navies, and a warm pop of green, this rug is made for summer months. I love the fun geometric pattern and durable braided weave.

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