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5 Colors to Calm Down Your Summer


Lilac Grey

Lilac Grey is a go-to moody shade that draws on the natural, stormy colors of summer in the Valley. Although it’s traditionally a more feminine pick, this muted palette is great in any space. Our Heather Basket has subtle hints of lilac grey, keeping things on the warmer side when it comes to hue. For chilly high-desert nights in the mountain, this basket is the perfect place for storing a few lightweight blankets or a few chunky throws.

Soft Clay

Soft clay is another color I’ve been loving recently. With plenty of summer days ahead, I love the warmer hues and earthy undertones. It’s a great choice for more muted spaces where you’re looking for that extra punch, so I’ve been on the lookout for my favorite accessories and finishing touches. I especially love our Solid Linen Sham, made from beautiful lightweight fabric and available in seven gorgeous shades. The “terra cotta” color plays well with white, off-white, dove grey, and navy, bringing brightness or a pop of warmth where you need it most.

Muted Pastels

If you’re not ready to commit to those bold hues just yet, muted pastels are a great place to start. Whether you’re looking to tone down the intensity of a room or create a calmer space, there are so many ways to incorporate these colors—from bedding to artwork, accessories, and more. Our Abstract Stripe Paintings are my favorite from the shop. Bold enough to make a statement and muted enough to avoid stealing the show, they’re the perfect piece from this color palette.


Mustards and bright golds have been trending for a while now, but I’m still in love. They’re such fun colors, especially for summer (and in Sun Valley!). Pair a warm yellow with navy, burnt orange, and even the right dusty greys for a great seasonal palette.

Since these can be such bold colors, I’d definitely recommend using it as an accent color. Our Brass Antlers are a great way to introduce something those warmer shades without overwhelming an entire space. If I had to pick a single accessory that captures summer style in Sun Valley, it would be these. They’re sophisticated, minimalistic, and can swing modern or rustic depending on the room they’re in.


Last but certainly not least is pewter. This grey-beige color has been a standout for me. As a “blank canvas” kind of palette, it plays well with almost any accent and can really ground a more vibrant room. Pewter looks best paired with some high contrast, so I’d definitely suggest checking out our Endo Rug. Made from stunning wool and crafted in India, it can hold its own as the centerpiece of a room or let other statement furniture steal the show.

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