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Behind the Scenes

Since we have both a studio and an online store, sometimes the two can seem very separated. We have a team of talented and creative designers on the studio side working hard everyday to make our luxurious and impeccable projects come together. We also have a team on the store side working hard to sell the best products, market the store well and give the best customer service. It is a lot to juggle, but we wouldn’t want it any other way and we truly love what we do.

This week we were working on a shoot for a finished remodel and we were able to add in some of our favorite products from the store. Being able to marry our studio with our store is really the ultimate goal and we are really excited to show you some of the prelim pictures.

Sitting on the side table is our Cluster Vase. Every vessel in the metal frame stand holds a single stem for the ease of arranging.

Above you might notice our Markel Candleholders as well as our Organic Herringbone Throw. The slender silhouette of each candleholder is sculpted from aluminum and finished in black with subtle imperfections that allude to their artisanal craftsmanship. The Herringbone Throw has year round weight with incredible organic cotton softness and a classic herringbone pattern. Also I can't forget to mention that fireplace!! Isn't it heaven?!?


This black tile vertically set in brick lay pattern is so sleek. A wet bar like this is so modern yet inviting. Our X & O Cutting Board with marble inlay and metal corners can be seen on the counter. It is just waiting for an appetizer to make it complete. 


This seating area is situated by the windows in the master bedroom. I could sit here and read all day. Our Brazilian Hide Rug ties it all in nicely. Doesn't it? Also, one of our Geo Objects is sitting beautifully on the side table. This object is inspired by scaled models used by architects to study form, structure, and proportion. 


Last but not least the kitchen. The blue cabinets with the white counter tops is a show stopper. Imagine entertaining your guests or making your favorite holiday meal. Yes, please!! On the counter don't miss our Ruled Canisters. These are available in 3 different sizes each having a ruler measurement on the side. 

We truly had so much fun bringing our two sides of our business together. We will make sure to do this at all our shoots. Plus these are only the preliminary photos. I can't wait to see the final shots!!


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