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Biggest Color Design Trends of 2019

With February now in full swing, I wanted to highlight some of the biggest color design trends coming 2019. Our friends at Houzz put together a great gallery featuring design inspiration for the year ahead. We’re featuring some of our favorites, including some on-trend products available on our Shop.

To start off, deep and rich colors are making it big this year. Bordeaux is one of the biggest color trends of 2019, which will be seen mostly on walls, chairs, and couches. I personally love this color because it is so versatile—it can lean more elegant or more rustic depending on the finishes and accessories you choose to complete your space. These large waffle-textured pillows on our Shop come in a variety of colors, including “Berry,” which can bring a more subtle hint of red to your living room or bedroom. If you’re anxious about painting a whole room this shade or including a full-sized piece of furniture, this is a perfect compromise.

Next, coral and rust are making a big impact in design. Paired with contrasting and complimentary colors like green or blue, this color can be used in a wide variety of spaces. We love this Callie Rust Rug available on our Shop. This handwoven piece has a gorgeous pattern and brings a more natural feel to your design. This rug tends to be more vintage-inspired, creating a sense of casual comfort. If you’re looking to make more of a statement, I think you’ll like this Cape Rug. The more subtle pattern allows for a more solid shade of bright red. Its hand-knotted technique offers a unique look that will still work in a wide variety of settings.

Gold and mustard shades are also going to be popular this year. You’ll most likely see these colors in accessories and light fixtures. According to Houzz, these colors will offer an “enchanting look” in 2019. One of my favorite pieces on our Shop is this Grand Blossom Chandelier. This stunning piece is made from wrought iron and sheet metal and then skillfully finished in Antique Gold Leaf. A fixture of this size and design is sure to make a statement in any space! Looking for something a bit more simple? I can’t help but love these Brass Antlers. I’ve included these in a few of my past posts, but they’re one of my favorite accessories on the Shop. They can bring a subtle sense of elegance to a space while also embracing more rustic design.

Want to view the full list of color trends for 2019? Take a look at Houzz’s full article below. Some other emerging trends are gray-blue, charcoal, and deep green.


Full article.

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