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Biggest Design Trends Coming 2019

As we begin January and welcome 2019, I wanted to share some of our office’s favorite design trends expected for the coming year. If you’re looking to update a space within your home or start from scratch with a whole new look, we think you’ll love these ideas and inspiration.

A timeless yet elegant look that has come back for 2019 is floral fabrics and wallpapers. These types of patterns will be seen across the board in a wide variety of applications—from bedrooms to bathrooms and everywhere in between. Bright and bold to make a statement or muted as an accent, color sets the tone here.



Another great trend centered around the kitchen is eye-catching backsplashes with strong patterns and designs. While simple and monochromatic kitchens do offer an element of timelessness, those looking for something with a bigger presence will gravitate towards stronger patterns and colors. 2019 will bring more of those larger-than-life pieces to the kitchen, most commonly in pops of bright and high-contrast color.

2019 will also be a year centered around more sustainable and handmade pieces. Whether these items are found in accessories, furniture, or light fixtures, clients will be looking for ways to ground themselves and embrace the more rustic elements that come from sustainable manufacturing. With so many local artists and craftsmen here in Sun Valley, we love the idea of bringing more of these pieces into the home and highlighting them within a space.

If you’re looking for an easier way to follow the trends of 2019, consider bringing in more mixed metal accents and accessories to your home. This is a simple  addition to any preexisting space and helps bring a more modern touch to your home. The best part? These kinds of accessories almost always go together and can be brought into any space. Whether you have a more rustic home or your home is leaning modern, this is a great way to tie a room together.  



Our office has always been a fan of light wooden floors as a way to open up a space. This year, we can expect designers across the country to be using more of this material to bring a certain fit and finish to open floor plans in order to achieve that “light and airy” look. Some of the most popular varieties include birch and white oak, which tend to reflect more light and offer a more luminous appearance. One of the main reasons we love these kinds of floors is that they can transition from more rustic to more elegant depending on the final finishes—making future redecorating easier than ever.

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