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The upcoming 2020-2021 school year looks and feels a little different than years past, but for families of school-aged children (like mine), one thing won’t change: the need to be and stay organized.

From juggling new work routines to navigating the unique challenges of remote learning, there’s a lot to wrap your mind around. What can give you some peace is a plan and preparedness for all the “new” that’s surely around the corner.  

Over the past few months, we’ve all felt the days start to blur together (you know it’s true!), but when school is back in session, it’s helpful for everyone to stick to a routine. Our Compass Wall Clock is not only the perfect workspace or home office accessory, but it also features a gorgeous antique compass design. Plus, the contemporary metal finish suits any room with ease. Keep your family’s schedule organized by hanging in your home office or your kiddo’s favorite study spaces.

For tools, textbooks, trinkets, and everything in between, these Steinbeck Storage Baskets are a versatile and beautiful addition to any space you’re using this season. Natural seagrass and palm leaf provide a neutral color to complement any palette. These are even perfect for your college kiddo who’s looking to “organize” laundry in their dorm—even if the dorm for this fall is actually their childhood bedroom. If nothing else, at least sportswear is separate from linens!

For the late-night study owls, I love our Simple Table Lamp. It’s classic and modern, featuring a long-drum lampshade for the perfect amount of light. Choose from black, white, silver or gold (matte finish). I like to keep this one in my little ones’ rooms. It works so well for bedtime stories, and I can always tell when someone’s decided to stay up a little too late. 

For the cozy-fanatics, you’ll absolutely fall in love with our Army Pouf. Crafted from luxurious wool, this piece is perfect for study sessions (or a quick mid-day nap!). We took our inspiration from traditional Swiss-Army blankets, and this ultra-plush pouf has been an end-of-summer best seller ever since. And if you’re like me, you’ll also want the matching pillow covers!

Finally, spice-up your study space with the dreamy design of our Wilson Dark Grey/Ivory Rug. This gorgeous accent is hand-woven in India, featuring a casual geo-pattern to provide soft comfort for hard-working feet. This rug suits workspaces wonderfully, without the frills or distractions of bright colors or tassels. 

As we get ready to head into fall and another academic year, I know we’ll all be spending some extra time indoors. So why not make it your favorite place to be? Shop now at!

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