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Changing Seasons



It rained yesterday and now all I can think about is how much it feels like fall. I mean a week ago, we were in our swimsuits at the beach and now I see some of the leaves changing over. I've also noticed many social media influencers already decorating for fall and now my kids are talking about what they want to be for Halloween. Every year it seems to take me by surprise. While I always enjoy the change, there is also a little bit of sadness that goes with saying goodbye to summer.

Here are some things I look forward to most in the fall. 

  1. The colors - reds, rusts, yellows, browns and softer greens
  2. Cold mornings and evenings
  3. Warm chili - this is my favorite recipe from The two things I do different are add a can of beer instead of the liquid from the canned beans. Also, I now use an Instant Pot, so instead of it taking 8 hours, it is only about one. To finish it off I add avocado, onions, cheese, sour cream or chips on top. Delicious!
  4. Getting cozy under a nice warm blanket. The Stanley Throw is my favorite! I love the chunky knit. It is so cozy and soft.
  5. Pumpkin spice! Yes, that's right I am one of those people that loves pumpkin. So bring on pumpkin flavored everything! My husband can't stand it, ha poor guy.

    Here are my must dos for fall.

    1. Chop fire wood - In Idaho we chop our own wood. First you get a permit, learned our lesson one time when we didn't. Ha, Sarah, remember that?  I'm regressing, but one year the permit office was closed for a holiday and we decided to get the wood anyways. After hours of labor and hard work, we got pulled over on our way home. Yep that's right, the forest service fined us and took all the wood we had chopped. It had to of been about 3 cords. All that work for nothing! 
    2. Get the fireplace cleaned - then add the Heather Basket to the hearth to hold your firewood. It is strong and sturdy enough to hold wood and the natural grey color is perfect for most palettes.
    4. Put away the outdoor furniture - The winters are tough around here, so to protect these beautiful pieces we put them away. 
    5. Have the yard raked and all the leaves picked up. You can also do it yourself or coax your kids into doing it. Who doesn't love jumping in the leaves? 
    6. Add an extra layer to the beds or change out the comforter. The Coyuchi Winter Weight Down Comforter is perfect for this cold winter nights that are right around the corner. 

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