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COVID-19 Q&A with the Latham Interiors Team

The past few weeks have put our small valley through so much hurt and heartbreak. Now more than ever, I have such love for our strong mountain town. I also feel so grateful to have the support (and community!) of my amazing team. With all of us working remotely, I wanted to check in and see how everyone was feeling. 


What impact has COVID-19 had on you individually?

Sarah: As a mom, wife and small business owner, COVID-19 has not only impacted me individually but also as a member of a small mountain community.  Our lifestyle of socializing with family and friends has changed dramatically but we are learning to value the home time in isolation with our small children.  I am learning to reorganize my time into work, home school teacher, designer, chef, entertainer, mom, wife, and cleaner on a daily basis.  My personal time (running, reading and socializing with friends) has been put on the back burner for a much greater good in sacrificing my needs for others in the community by staying at home.  We are making each day special and different in small ways and valuing the outdoor environment we are so lucky to call home.  We have luckily stayed healthy throughout isolation and are looking forward to celebrating and enjoying time with our family and friends again soon.  Our community, like many, many, others, has been hit extremely hard economically and in health terms, so my individual needs seem small compared to supporting others at this time.

Glin: Outside of not being able to visit with friends and family in-person, I think the biggest impact has been on my outlook and sense of gratitude. Reading and watching stories about people who have lost loved ones, lost jobs, risked their lives on the front lines has reminded me of how fortunate I am to be healthy and safe right now. It’s been very sobering watching the news and reading about the devastation this virus has left in its wake. Especially knowing it disproportionally affects the most vulnerable, the sick, the elderly and all the frontline workers. It’s reminded me to be grateful for the important things in life: family, friends, my health, clean air, wide open spaces.


What impact has the pandemic had on the work Latham is doing and the people you are doing it for?

Glin: One of the most surprising things about this has been how our small county of 22,000 was really affected by this. Just in terms of the health impact, we had over 450 positive cases and 5 deaths which is disproportionally high for such a small community. Many of those affected were healthcare workers and our one local hospital was the first drive-thru testing site in the entire state. Many in the community that Latham serves have and will be impacted by this and we will probably not know the full impact for months, years to come. Here at Latham Interiors we have continued to serve our clients remotely and so many of them has expressed their concern for us and shown that the relationships Latham has built aren’t merely transactional and run much deeper.

Erin: I know the rest of my coworkers as well as all our vendors are working from home, so it’s not just me juggling the chaos it’s most people I am in contact with. I think the best thing we can do right now is practice patience with everyone and be kind. We are all adjusting to this new way. The good news is our online sales have gone up! I’m guessing because people are forced to shop from home now.


What gifts or silver lining do you see coming out of this time of uncertainty?

Sarah: There is always a silver lining and luckily throughout this uncertain time we have found many!  Quality time with my family has been abundant and I treasure seeing my boys smile on a daily basis no matter the circumstances.  Patience and thoughtful work has been appreciated when pursuing our clients needs.  Knowing that the physical work or items may not be immediate but when executed will be perfect.  Another silver lining is finding deepened appreciation and value for our community, family, friends and clients.  We always had them in our hearts before but when life is slowed down and simpler the value of those relationships is amplified and we have never been more grateful for the enrichment it has brought to our lives.

Julia: Since we are living one day at a time due to the rapid changes this pause has made all of us have a different perspective on “now”; On how our words, actions and reactions impact the lives of the ones surrounding us. I truly hope that we become more patient, grateful and empathetic  - a better version of the human race. One that is mindful, less wasteful and kinder to the Earth.

Glin: I think it’s been remarkable how millions of people all over the world did their part to stay home and social distance. Despite the tremendous hardship that might have involved, people have shown they can and want to do their part to make a positive difference. There have been so many amazing selfless acts of kindness during this crisis from the healthcare workers putting in long shifts to people sewing masks, cooking food, parents teaching their own kids and communities rallying together to help those in need. It’s also been uplifting to see people using technology to connect in truly meaningful ways and to give more thought to how we can help provide it to those who don’t have access. My hope is that this crisis reminds people of our common humanity and will lead to greater global solidarity to improve the lives of all people.

Erin: I have been able to spend ample quality time with my family. I’m becoming a better cook, Im learning to sew on a sewing machine and I’m learning the piano. This has slowed down our life substantially and I’m grateful for that. I am feeling a little like a mid century mother, but I guess I’m ok with that.



How has COVID-19 affected your family or business? It's important to check in on your friends and loved ones. We're all going through this together. 

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