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Designing Your Holiday Dinner Table


Surprised with a white Thanksgiving this year, Sun Valley’s been living up to its winter wonderland reputation. The ski mountain is open, town is bustling with locals, visitors, and second homeowners, and I’m getting so excited for the holiday.


Whether you’re bringing the whole family together or keeping things small, dining tables are a fun way to experiment with design ideas—the setting’s only temporary, and a small decorating space means there’s something within every budget.


I love drawing on natural color palettes during the holiday season. Neutral whites, creams, and dove greys are beautiful with sprigs of evergreen. This setting captures it perfectly. Plenty of quiet space with classy—not kitschy—styling. Be careful to keep your design elegant. Too many “items,” whether they’re pinecones or bunches of berries, can make your table feel over-staged. Instead of becoming the focus of your table, find a few pieces you love and use them to support the rest of your setting.


Bring in some copper or antique gold accents for a truly Sun Valley-inspired look—candlesticks, napkin rings, or chargers are a great way to introduce a bright, metallic punch without being too disruptive. Our Abelard Candlestick would be a perfect choice.


To draw on traditional farmhouse and mountain styles, I’d add our Coyuchi Farmhouse Organic Napkin to your table setting. Offered in Alpine White or Pale Fog, you can keep things light and creamy or introduce a warm grey.


For your centerpiece, I’d suggest looking for something with height, but be careful—too much of a good thing can block dinner guests’ line of sight, making it tricky to keep conversation around the table. A beautiful arrangement of greens or simple, white floral pieces is a great place to start. Our Cluster Vase would be perfect. Metal and glass come together in an eye-catching centerpiece, big enough to fill a table but not distracting from your time with family and friends.


With the holiday season right around the corner, it’s never too early to start planning. Play with design schemes, try out color combinations right for your home or guests. Get creative when it comes to incorporating natural elements like branches and evergreens—the element you’re looking for may be right in your backyard… literally!

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