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Designing Your Home Office to Beat Burnout

Whether you’re running a business, working on a side hustle, or pursuing a hobby that could use some space, a home office can be a life saver. You only need enough room for a desk, chair, and some filing cabinets or shelves.

So if you’ve been struggling with burnout or looking for that extra spark at work, keep reading!


1. Get organized

Sometimes jumpstarting your productivity is as easy as cleaning up. Invest in a shelving system or a few storage boxes to get rid of clutter and feel less scattered throughout the day. Our Teak Storage Crates are perfect for this—and they look stunning! Since they come in a set of three, you can designate specific crates for different categories, from bills and invoices to staplers and stray pens.

If you’re really trying to give your space a makeover, you have to check out our Cedron Bookcase. It’s huge (in a good way!) with plenty of room for ledgers, fabric swatches, binders, and folders. Natural wood in a gray wash wax keeps the color scheme nice and muted, so it plays well with any existing palette. The geometric frame and high-contrast steel push this piece more towards modern, so I’d definitely recommend if you’re updating an office or breaking up a lot of empty space. Well worth the investment and it’s always been a favorite of mine.


2. Find a desk you love

If you’re spending a lot of time in a home office, a great desk is needed. We’ve curated our shop with plenty of options, but I really love this one. The Hailey Desk’s beautiful bleached walnut looks great with its dark metal frame, and its built-in drawers can help even the most scattered business owner get a little more organized.

When you’re all set up, make sure to grab a few picture frames, potted plants, or bookends to build out your workspace. This Easel Frame is super clean and modern, and the brass finish plays with some of the biggest trends in rustic decor. Fill it up with photos of family, pets, or happy places.


3. Hide your phone

Unless you’re taking calls, find a way to keep your phone out of your home office. You’ll be less tempted to browse social media or reply to texts, and you can put all your attention on work. Especially for high-focus jobs like paying bills or writing checks, try “unplugging” for a while. If you need to keep an eye on time, grab a wall clock. They’re a great choice for decor—and they’re distraction-free! I’m obsessed with our Woodsy Wall Clock… from the iron hoop to the natural wood base, it balances a ton of rustic character with just as much modern sophistication.

If you can’t beat the heat this summer, at least beat your office burnout! Summer is the most tempting time to get outside and enjoy the weather, but a lovable workspace is sometimes all you need for a little productivity boost. Cross it off your to-do list!

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