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Do it Yourself (DIY) or Not for You


If you're like me, when I look at something that I want for the house ex. a headboard, I say to myself “I think I can make that” then do it yourself (DIY) projects are right for you. I am not an expert craftsman, but I am also not inept when it comes to power tools. I am right in the middle. I would also say I really enjoy trying to figure things out. I have built everything from shelves, to headboards, to picture frames, to barn doors and even a murphy bed with cabinets and drawers. The more I make the better I get, similar to the old saying, Practice Makes Better. Ha, I will never be perfect and I accept that! 

 You would be surprised how much information is out there on how to build projects. I frequently use YouTube, Pinterest and Google to search out how to build something and to be honest most the people you see on Social Media that do DIY projects do exactly the same thing. Also, you don’t really need a lot of tools to build something. 


 Recommendations for the Basic Tools you need to build almost anything

  1. Power Drill with drill bits and screwdriver heads
  • this will be your most used tool when it comes to putting screws into your projects. Speeds up the project and easy to use. 
  1. Miter or chop saw
  • makes easy straight cuts perfect for 2x4s and other narrow wood. 
  1. Hammer or my favorite (cordless nail gun)
  • the nail gun is essential to making work go faster. It is simple to use and actually really fun!
  1. Jig saw
  • the jig saw allows you to make curved cuts, cut holes or circles into wood, metal or plastic. 
  1. Reciprocating Saw
  • this saw will cut through anything and has 100s of uses. Cutting pallets apart, limbs off a tree or cutting a hole in the back of a cabinet are just a few ways to use it. 
  1. Table Saw
  • can be the most expensive and the most dangerous, but if you need to make large cuts in big pieces of wood this is the tool you need. 

Here are some other tools I love. They make your projects look better as well as your life easier. 

  1. Kreg pocket hole system
  2. Biscuit jointer
  3. Hand sander
  4. Planer
  5. Lathe

 I have to add a good 'ol disclaimer, “Please use eye protection, wear gloves, a mask and ear plugs while working in this environment. Also, make sure you have the proper ventilation,”

If all of this sounds like a different language and you absolutely have no interest in DIYing, then that is when our comes in. Many of our products would be very hard to recreate as an intermediate, novice woodworker and we have tons of products that would compliment your recent masterpiece. Check out our line furniture, home decor, linens, artwork, and so much more. 

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