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Farmhouse Kitchen Trends

This month, my team and I really fell in love with farmhouse kitchens. With the launch of our Kitchen collection on the online shop, I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite trends when it comes to this timeless design.


What really separates farm style kitchens from other designs and aesthetics is the use of materials. Rich, warm wooden accents bring a sense of comfort and help center the space. Whether this can be seen in grand central islands, wooden floors, or exposed beams, each element adds a unique feel to any kitchen.

Another popular trend when it comes to farmhouse kitchens is in the appliances and overall finishes. Brass elements run throughout many farm style kitchens, often adding a bright pop of metallic shine that compliments the warmer wooden accents. We’re loving this look, especially when the brass is contrasted on a darker color background.


More than anything, the accessories that complete a kitchen really set the tone for the entire space. When it comes to farmhouse chic, you’ll find plenty of inspiration and items you’ll love on our online shop. Find a few of my favorites below.

This simple milk vase has a distressed white crackle finish that makes for a beautifully rustic yet classic look. This vase fits seamlessly within the farmhouse trend while not overwhelming the space.

If you’re looking for a bigger statement piece, my team loves this Lago Lantern. This classic lantern is crafted from quality steel and leaded glass with a waxed black finish. Clean lines and understated design create an elegant and timeless home accessory. Mix and match different sizes to create a beautiful kitchen centerpiece.

A final favorite of mine are these brass antlers. These beautiful accessories can emphasize preexisting brass finishes within your kitchen or help introduce the material into your space entirely. With fall and hunting season just around the corner here in Sun Valley, I can’t help but think of these as the perfect accent!



My team and I really fell in love with the versatility of the farmhouse color palette. While lighter tones and cabinets tend to be more timeless, we can’t help but notice the brilliant use of navy and forest green that tends to come through. Whether it’s in cabinets, accents, or accessories, these two colors have helped elevate the farmhouse kitchen aesthetic to something more sophisticated and intriguing.


Finally, one of the best ways to complete your farmhouse kitchen is through the use of patterns and fabrics. Bold statement rugs can help bring your entire color palette together. One of my personal favorites includes this hand-knotted Ustad red and black rug. The bright red and pops of yellow and blue highlight accents throughout the space. If you’re looking for something a bit more unique, take a look at our ranch hide. Hides offer a unique element to any room—they can be layered with a jute rug or simply left alone. They’re also great under a coffee table, entryway or in a bedroom. Cowhides each have their own texture, shape and tone, making them unique in each and every space.


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