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Five items to restyle your bedroom


I think it’s important to love your bedroom. It’s the first space you see when you wake up (and the last one before you go to sleep), so feeling “bleh” about the style, design, or decor can really wear you down. In most cases, the good news is that you probably don’t need a remodel to get out of this funk. With a few updates and some fresh basics, you’ll be falling in love all over again.


1. Grab a new comforter

You’d be surprised how much a new comforter can do for your bedroom. Over time, bedding can get lumpy, thin, and uneven, so investing in a fresh start makes a big difference. I’m a big fan of our Coyuchi Quilted Cotton Comforter. It’s hypoallergenic, organic, and super cozy for a mid-weight, breathable blanket. Plus, its double box stitching keeps filling from sliding around and getting out of place—you’ll love it!


2. Swap out your duvet cover

If your duvet cover’s been looking dingy or outdated, it’s time to look for something new. Our Quinn Duvet Set is exactly what you need if you’ve been on the hunt for a bright white, timeless duvet. A subtle seersucker texture makes this modern bedding feel effortless and classic.


3. Add a throw

Especially going into colder months, I love the chunky look of our handknit Stanley Throw. Four sophisticated colors play well with neutrals, whites, and grays, and their 50"x60" size means you have plenty to snuggle with. Especially if you have a solid duvet and not a lot of texture, adding a throw on the end of your bed is an easy way to break up the space.


4. Find a better way to store pillows and blankets

If all your room needs is a little tidying up, you should check out our Wire Baskets. They come in a set of two, so you have an extra to use somewhere around the house. Depending on your throw pillows or the thickness of your blankets, you can choose the medium or large size for bedroom storage. It’s a simple trick that keeps clutter off the floor, leaving your space feeling clean and calm.


5. Make sure you’re getting enough light

This is a big one. The right lighting can completely change the energy in a space, so it’s important to find the best option for your bedroom. Even if you’re getting enough natural sun during the day, don’t neglect those hours after dark. For those of you with bigger master bedrooms or studio apartments, make sure you’re investing in something like the Dixon Floor Lamp. There’s a difference between dim and cozy—don’t mix it up!

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