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Holiday Party Essentials

The holidays have begun and so have the parties. Whether you are hosting or invited to the next soiree these are some party essentials that will make any dish or drink look amazing. I love a good party and I always enjoy seeing how other people decorate. Also, I enjoy coming up with new ways to display my food or drink options. 

Recently back in-stock the Deer Cutting Board is rustic and festive. It is the perfect size to place cheese, fruit and crackers while showing off the beautiful deer motif. 

The Tapas Set is a great option for bringing an appetizer to a party. It is stylish yet price friendly so if you accidentally leave it behind there won't be any stress of getting it back. You can use this set for holding oils, vinegar, or sauces. It's a great set that will satisfy all your dipping needs! Plus, it is biodegradable and made of bamboo fiber. 


Another price friendly option is the Eclipse Server. This is also a biodegradable and comes in 2 different colors. Tired of the same old chip and dip options? This server gives a new and fun way to serve up the traditional appetizer. 

Having a formal dinner? Then, the Tulip Salad Bowl will be perfect for the occasion. This is a beautifully designed and crafted porcelain bowl that is reminiscent of a tulip.  

Our 3-Piece Serving Tray can be used for appetizers to serving the main course. These versatile serving trays are fantastic for any occasion. Whether you're making hot cocoa and cookies for the family or serving cocktails with friends these lightweight trays work great for all occasions. 

My favorite drink option is the Recycled Glass Pitcher. Make it the water pitcher or mix up your favorite cocktail and serve with this. An elegant carafe to dispense the libation of choice this is sure to become the new house favorite!

This time of year is a great time to take stock on the party essentials you have, need to get or need to get rid of. I hope you get to attend some great soirees and more importantly you get to create some wonderful memories. 

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