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Hosting Essentials for New Years Eve

With only a few days left in 2019, I’ve been thinking a lot about the year ahead. From resolutions to new hobbies, future adventures, or meaningful goals, I think there’s something about January 1st that always feels kind of magic.

Whether you’re the champaign-drinking, confetti-popping type or more into quiet reflection, I’ve found New Years Eve to be the most special with friends. So, for my fellow hosts and hostesses out there this year, I’m celebrating the countdown to 2020 by sharing some of my entertaining favorites.


1. Wood River Tray

This is the perfect piece for any mountain modern or farmhouse kitchen. Its natural wood base is framed with streamlined metal, making this tray as sturdy as it is fashionable. Sophisticated and functional, it’s great for appetizers, glassware, or party favors. 

2. Tapas Set

For mixers and parties with lots of people, I think tapas are always a fun option when it comes to food. Made with biodegradable, dishwasher-safe bamboo fiber, this innovative and lightweight set is perfect for oils, sauces, or a variety of garnishes (PS: Looking for recipe ideas?).


3. All-Natural Hand Soap

With scents ranging from basil and mint to lavender and lemon, our all-natural hand soap is perfect for kitchens or guest baths. Whether you’re cleaning up to cook a meal or just looking to mix it up, there’s a combination for everyone. And with no harsh chemicals, you can feel good about sharing these with loved ones.


4. Wine Bucket or Wine Cooler

Inspired by French hotel champagne buckets, our Wine Bucket’s riveted metal and unique patina combines character with sophistication (I love that they come in small and large sizes, too). If you’ve been looking for something a little more minimalist, I think you’ll love our marble Wine Cooler. It’s the perfect piece for chilling your favorite bottle just in time for that NYE countdown.


As we head into 2020, I want to say thank you to all our friends this year. Whether you found us through Instagram, heard about us around town, or have known about us for awhile, we love having you here — and we’re so excited for what’s to come in the months ahead. Cheers to you!

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