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Keep it Simple - Holiday Table

Every year the holidays get a little overwhelming with all the events, guests, parties, gifts and so much more. In the end I have to remember it is about family, time together and being thankful for what we have. So, this year I am trying hard to keep things simple and enjoy the processes of each step along the way. When I say keep things simple, it means to me not over booking my family for holiday events, not overdecorating, not buying too many gifts and keeping the expectation level to a minimum. 

Keep it simple seems to be the theme with a lot of stylists this year as well. The styles have simplified and the decorations, even going into Halloween, have seemed rather deconstructed. I like that! 

So with that being said, my holiday table will be on the simpler side. Here are a few things from the shop I plan to use for our holiday table. 

To start with a simple table I will use our Coyuchi Handwoven Jute Placemats. Artisans weave thick jute yarns on hand looms for slubby texture, and then finish the edges with short, hand-knotted fringe. These come in a set of four. 

I will pair the placemats with our Abby Napkins. These napkins have a finished edge and a washed cotton finish. They come in 5 colors so you have many options to choose from. 

I always add some lighting on my table so the Wood Hurricane will be a great option this year. These are made of natural mango wood and convey an architectural and organic essence. Adding a natural element under the hurricanes will really make them look beautiful. Cut some fresh pine branches from either your garland or your tree and place them under the hurricanes. 

To throw in a little pop of glam I would add the Salt and Pepper Birds. They fit well with the natural elements but bring in a modern touch. 

The rest of my table is the most meaningful part. My china and crystal glasses were my grandmother's, the silver was my husband's grandmothers and the wineglasses are from my other grandmother. These pieces have been in my family for a very long time and it always feels like they are right there with us when we celebrate with these. 


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