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March Lighting Trends


It seems like spring’s just around the corner here in Sun Valley, Idaho, so we’ve been spending our week thinking about longer days and warmer weather! This month, I’m showing off one of my favorite aspects of design: lighting. Whether you’re looking for design inspiration or just searching through our online shop, keep reading (I also asked our entire office to chime in and share their favorite trends and items—I think you’ll love it!).

“What’s the right way to light a room?” It’s a question our studio hears all the time. While lighting seems like one of the simpler sides of interior design, so many factors impacting your home’s unique spaces means it can get overwhelming fast. Whenever I’m giving advice to clients, friends, and family, I alway try to understand purpose first. Why is this fixture being introduced to a space? Is it functional? For ambiance? A mix of the two? Varying from room to room, it’s important to have an understanding for what goal you’re trying to achieve. Deciding how to style a residential bathroom, for example, involves a completely different approach than picking out lighting for a restaurant’s dining room. Understand your space and focus on the space’s unique goals, features, and constraints.

If you’ve been to our online shop recently, you’ve probably noticed our new Latham Interiors Collections. We’ve been busy curating gorgeous pieces that fit together both aesthetically and functionally, making it easier to style entire rooms with studio-approved combinations. My office and I have pulled some of our favorite lighting features available on our shop. This Grand Blossom Chandelier is undeniably a statement piece—it looks fantastic over a dramatic dining table! The metallic finish can help introduce a golden color scheme—or pull together existing accents in a space. Take a look at how beautiful it is in one of our clients' homes...



Another favorite is this Triangle Candle Sconce. Both charmingly unique and classically traditional, the clean and minimalistic design helps this fixture stand out while still staying elegant and timeless. We also love the Bailey Sconce. Black and gold accents keep this design luxurious and refined, and they’re perfect in pairs. Match them on opposing sides of a bathroom mirror or in a shady foyer craving some added light. If you’re really looking to make a statement, you’ll love this Axis Chandelier. Gold-plated steel bars radiating from a center post make this ceiling fixture absolutely irresistible.

One of the most exciting trends in lighting this year is that “anything goes”—even if it’s made from horsehair, wicker, bamboo, cork, or clay! Different and unexpected fixtures are taking center stage and becoming a focal point in design. Modern interpretations of classic design are also becoming more and more popular. One of my favorite examples is this Idaho Table Lamp on our shop.

Finally, this spring I asked some of my office to share their thoughts on lighting. Here’s what we had to say:

“Because I live in a monochromatic color scheme aka: married to a photographer with black and white photos:) We try and capture and highlight natural light in the best possible way. (Less is more) Sconces are big in my home to highlight the art and because we have a small space less off the floor. Ambiance is big in my opinion, setting the tone to entertain. However, eating dinner in low light can be frustrating. Candles with warm/cool seasonal table setting is a must in our home.”   — Stephanie
“...when I think of lighting design within a space, I think of the three main types: Ambient, Accent, and Task. To create a well-lit room, I think it includes elements of each. This helps give the space a lot of dimension and evokes different feelings depending on the lighting levels. Lighting is such a powerful design element!”   — Ashley

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