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My favorite details, pillows!

Do you remember the days when you were little and someone would yell “PILLOW FIGHT!!”? It was an automatic game on. You would pick up the nearest pillow and start attacking or defending yourself. I think about this often because my girls yell this now. They are rambunctious little ones and there is always a reason to rough house. Since I am a mom of young children, I have to (and want to) design my house so it can be used, played in, rough housed and messed up. The great thing about the mountain modern style of Latham Interiors is all those things are incorporated into it. Not only is it modern but there is a comfortable and relaxed sense to it. 

This brings me to one of my favorite topics. PILLOWS! Especially since we just added a ton of wonderful new ones to our shop. All of these are amazingly comfortable, they are beautiful and add texture and detail to any room. 

The Azibo Pillow is handcrafted in African mud cloth. This fun and bold arrow pattern will add life and energy to any room. Pair it with the Braided Lumbar Pillow to had length and texture with a pop of color. You could even replace the Azibo with the Black Behati if you wanted to add contrast to a light bed or couch. 

To add some color to an area, go with the Tassel Throw Pillow. It is a burnt orange color, perfect for the season. This would pair well with the Geometric Kilim Pillow or the Frida Accent Pillow for texture. 

I absolutely love pillows. I love to swap them out with the seasons or I love to change them up when I’m feeling like I need something new. A trick I learned from @arrowsandbow is to store the cover while reusing the insert for the next cover. This way you can have lots of covers, which store easily and you can use the insert over and over again. Genius!! 

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  • Nice job! Latham Interiors is that perfect combination of casual and upscale that I like in a home. Comfortable in every way!

    Jeannie Agee

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