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Offering Comfort in a Time of Crisis

Our Valley

Since the COVID-19 pandemic took over our small mountain town early last month, we've been searching for ways to get involved and bring relief throughout our community. At its peak, the virus was infecting 1 in every 44 residents in Blaine County. Our friends, loved ones, family members, and coworkers were all impacted in some way by COVID-19. 

Each night, our town demonstrated incredibly heartwarming strength and courage—even in the face of such extreme uncertainty. Known around town as the "8PM Howl," our town (along with many others in the Rocky Mountains) joined together to howl in support of the local healthcare workers. Our town may be small, but boy is it mighty. The valley has shown such resilience and love for one another. We knew we wanted to help do our part, even if just for a select group of individuals. 


The Advocates 

Based in Hailey, Idaho, The Advocates provide a safe place for all individuals affected by domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. Each year, the organization offers shelter and support to hundreds of local residents, including their children. Their efforts also include education and outreach throughout the community. According to the organization, "The Advocates purpose is to create a compassionate community, free from emotional and physical abuse."

We knew we wanted to support The Advocates community of women and children both physically and emotionally. Warmth and comfort are critical for residents of The Advocates shelter, particularly during a time of such stress and uncertainty.


Bringing Comfort

Our team wanted to provide this same element of warmth for those currently living at the shelter. We donated a variety of blankets, one for each family suite at The Advocates. 



Now more than ever, community matters. Feeling the support and love from those around you is what helps all of us get through difficult times. We wanted to share this same love with the women and children at the shelter.  



We were honored to be able to provide the families with even just a small gesture of support. Being a female-led team, we were delighted to help the women and children who are currently at the shelter.

Thank you to the entire Advocates team for letting us support your incredible efforts. We are so grateful to have such a wonderful organization in our community! 


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