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A Little Bit of Idaho for Your Walls

For an interior designer, Sun Valley, Idaho is hard to beat when it comes to natural inspiration. The opportunity to work—and play—in a place like this is one of the best parts of what we do. We’re constantly pulling ideas from all around us, introducing those colors and materials to our clients and their dream homes.

Since we’re spotlighting Art this August, my team and I wanted to share some of our favorite pieces—inspired by life our lifestyle in the mountains.



One of my August art favorites is this gorgeous lavender print. It reminds me of a specimen drawing, like something you’d find in the journal of a wildflower lover. The colors are subtle enough to not be overbearing, but the right staging could absolutely draw some purple out of the print, too. And if you can’t get enough of this style, our shop is stocked with plenty of sister prints—like this Hydrangea Macrophylla Art Print, the Japanese Painted Fern Art Print, or our Lady Fern Art Print. Bring all four together in a 2 x 2 tile or arrange them separately (daydreaming already!).



Aspen trees are another community favorite for artists and interior designers. Most common in the northern canyons of the Valley, they’re beautiful all year long, from vibrant green leaves in the summer to reds and orange in the fall—then equally stunning in the snow. This Abstract Paper Framed Art piece reminds me so much of aspen branches. Made from neutral fir wood, the color scheme is soft enough for any space. It’s the perfect way to bring a little nature into a room while keeping things abstract and interesting.



If you’re not local to the Sun Valley area, you might not know about one of our more unique traditions. Every year, sometime around early- to mid-October, the Trailing of the Sheep Festival draws tourists and year-round residents to Main Street for food, music, and a parade—of sheep. Twenty-two years strong this October, the Festival is a proud celebration of Idaho’s history and culture. This White Paper Framed Art reminds me of the parade, seeing hundreds of white sheep packed shoulder-to-shoulder down Main Street in the fall. I love how its simplicity offers so much for interpretation.

While plenty of our studio clients are local to the Wood River Valley—either part-time or year-round—the Shop makes it possible for anyone, anywhere to fall in love with the same mountain lifestyle. The art my team and I have curated really is drawn from our favorite things about the place we call home, and we hope you’ll find a spot for it in yours!

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