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Our Holiday Gift Guide

Every year I try to put true meaning to every gift I buy. I think about each person I am buying for and what their interests are. I think about the costs of each item and try to plan accordingly for my gift list as a whole. Sometimes I get lucky and I find something that will not just be a good gift for one person on my list, but it would be something many people like. That's why I really love our gift guide this year. I really think the items in there will not just work for one person on your list, but potentially a few of them. Below is a list of some of my favorites, that you can bet some people from my list will be getting this year. 

Almost every year, I give my parents and my in-laws an updated picture of my family. Some years I just give the picture because I know they already have a lot of frames around the house. Other years I give them an updated frame along with the photo. I love the Brass Easel Frame. The picture floats in the center of the glass, while the border is a subtle brass frame. 

With the winter months comes winter dry skin. Where we live your skin can get so dry in the winter. I am loving the Whipped Hand and Body Butter. It is all completely organic and made in small batches. Plus, it's made from a small women owned company out of Reno, NV. Yay for Reno!! Small fact, did you know Sarah and I are from little old Reno? This gift is perfect for almost anyone on my list. 

 I just love the Oliver Napkins. These are great because they add a bit of pattern and texture to any space, plus they come in 5 different colors. So really anyone can benefit from these. 

Have you checked out our throws recently? We have so many great ones. For the holiday season my favorite has to be the Farmer's Stitch Blankets. Available in 6 different colors you really can't go wrong with choosing one for the person on your list. The Bordeaux just screams Christmas to me. While I don't have any red in my house during the regular year, during the Holidays I just want to snuggle up in this baby. 

Last but not least, can you really have too many mugs? Our Latham Mug is a bistro style mug, the perfect size and oh so cute. I just love using it in the mornings. When you give it as a gift your favorite someone will be so intrigued by this company you just love. 

 Take a look at our Holiday Gift Guide and see what there is for your loved ones this year. Plus, did you know we offer FREE Shipping? 


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