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Style Guide: Working from Home with Family

Like so many other business owners, women, and moms around the country, I’ve been doing my best to feel settled into this new work from home routine. Managing a busy schedule around your partner and kiddos can be a lot to handle, but the time with my family has been priceless. My favorite quarantine perk has to be the extra hugs… Even if they happen in the middle of a business video call (sorry!).

With all these new changes, I wanted to put together a style guide for what might be an unusual work environment—especially for those of you who don’t have a dedicated home office. It’s important to create a space that feels productive, calm, and organized. We’ll get through this!


1. Make sure you have a dedicated table or desk

When you need to feel more in control of your personal and professional space, working at the kitchen counter—while convenient—probably isn’t the most productive space for you. Distractions, snacks, and a shared surface can make efficiency hard. If you have the space and budget, consider investing in a more long-term piece—like our Bellevue Desk. This modern option is absolutely stunning in a dark brown finish, and the two hidden drawers can help with much-needed storage space.


2. Treat your kids to some study space upgrades

For parents: if you have K-12 children at home, don’t forget many kiddos may be feeling their own stress about school, homework, and tests. Plenty of studies show that a cleaner study area can help with learning and problem solving, so don’t forget to take care of their shared spaces, too. Our Teak Storage Crates are an awesome and stylish way to get papers, pens, and other essentials organized—and if you need to straighten up larger items like toys and art supplies, they also come in a bigger size. For families with night owls, our Three Legged Desk Lamp is a beautiful and compact option for brightening any space.


3. Trade out your office chair for something new

I’m completely obsessed with this Rolling Office Chair. If you’re going to go all-out for a mountain modern home office, it doesn’t get much better than beautiful grey leather and a stunning iron frame. For anyone who works remotely, this is the ultimate statement piece in luxury, functional home design.


4. Keep a positive energy in your work space

I love having pictures of my family in my office, and that hasn’t changed just because I’m working from home. Decorating always helps me feel more settled, and these pretty Brass Easel Frames have been a favorite of mine for awhile. Mix and match with vertical and horizontal orientation—then fill them up with anything that makes you happy!

We’re all experiencing our own kind of “new normal,” and for many of us, that may require rethinking how we reduce stress and boost productivity. Take time to evaluate how you and your family can best operate in this chapter of social distancing with the world—and let’s get to the other side of this with creativity and gratitude!

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