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Styling Your Home for Colder Weather

 I’ve always loved colder seasons in Sun Valley. The smell of rain (or snow, if we’re lucky!) and burning fireplaces gets me excited for skiing and holidays spent with friends and family. While we head towards subzero temperatures and some fresh powder on the mountain, I wanted to put together a list of my favorite must-haves for curling up and staying warm.


1. Davu Pillows

A thick, premium-quality cotton blend makes these pillows a necessity for snuggle season. I just love this unique pattern—it reminds me of aspen tree bark. This design is perfect for adding a bit of texture while not stealing attention away from the rest of the space. Grab a book, turn on a cheesy Hallmark movie, or kick back with a glass of wine and watch the snow fall. Ahhhh… I’ll be daydreaming if you need me!



2. Latham Mug

From morning coffee to an afternoon latte, hot cocoa, apple cider, or great cup of tea, you can always find me sipping something warm from one of our Latham Mugs. What can I say? They’re my favorite (I wonder why!).


3. Down Comforter

Whether you’re getting cozy for afternoon football or binge-watching your favorite Netflix show, a cotton comforter makes all the difference. Box stitching keeps the pure down filling evenly distributed—so whether you’re buying a twin, queen, or king size, you won’t have to worry about wrestling with lumpy feathers. Grab the popcorn!



4. Cloud Loom Organic Towels

If you’d rather warm up in the hot tub or with an at-home spa day, I think you’ll love our Cloud Loom Organic Towels. Made from long-staple organic Turkish cotton (spun into fine yarns and then woven into long, single loops), these towels are as fluffy and full as they are lightweight. Grab a six-piece set in any of our five colors for visiting family or out-of-town guests.

Whether you’re praying for ski season or already counting down to summer, we have plenty of frosty nights ahead! Colder temperatures aren’t for everyone, but a few great accessories can make even the chillest homeowner a little warmer. Savor it while you can!

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