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Styling Your Home for the Summer Heat

 Our little ski town has been killing it this summer! Art festivals, farmers’ markets, and outdoor concerts remind me why I love this place year-round (although I have to say, these past few 90-degree days have definitely tested me!). There’s a really fun “buzz” in the Valley this time of year.

Since Sun Valley sits somewhere around 5,945 feet above sea level, we’re technically classified as a “high desert,” so while our nights are usually pretty chilly, our days can be hot. If you’re living in the mountains—or just looking for some fun styles to beat the heat—I wanted to share some of my favorites from our online shop.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a new pitcher, now’s your chance! Almost all of our pitchers are on sale, and we have a great lineup of glass and ceramic options. I really love our Claire Ceramic Pitcher if you’re looking for something that can double as a decorative piece. Same with our Recycled Glass Pitcher—fill it with lemonade, fresh tea, or juice when you need it, and then display some greenery when you don’t. If you’re just in the market for new glassware, grab our Margarita Pitcher!

When it comes to updating your outdoor spaces, rugs are a great way to anchor a large entertaining area. Our Black Berle Rug balances a calm neutral beige with a modern black border and is great for patios or decks in the summer. While you’re entertaining or just relaxing (kicked back with a cold drink, I hope!), you don’t need to worry about wear and tear. These rugs are built for high traffic and come pet-friendly. Resistant to water and stains, they’ll last far longer than one summer.

Even though our growing season is pretty short, we have enough sunshine to support a few herbs and vegetables in the warmer months. It’s not uncommon for locals to maintain a small planter with their favorites—from mint to basil, rosemary, and tomatoes (if you’re lucky!). Whether you’re styling a patio or wanting to show off your green thumb, our Botanical Bucket Rectangular Planter is a great choice for gardeners and hobbyists alike. The Botanical Bucket is a well constructed iron and oak planter box made for container gardening. With sides lined in natural oak planks and an antique zinc finish inset, base, and handles, the planter adds a beautiful touch of nature to your entryway, lanai, or outdoor seating area.

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